Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


Paul II Anton, Prince Esterházy made an excellent decision in Lukavice in 1761 when he appointed an unknown young musician: Joseph Haydn started working for the Eszterházy family and remained Kapellmeister and composer at the court for 30 years. 

Prince Karl von Lichnowsky just like many other sophisticated aristocrats was an important supporter of arts. 

“I get up, I start out, I arrive, I play the piano for 3 hours for the audience, I go to bed, next day I set out again to give a concert…”- says Ferruccio Busoni, a prominent musician of his time in 1912, summing up two decades of his career. 

In 1863 Franz Liszt – before taking minor orders  – moved into the monastery of Madonna del Rosario in Rome to devote himself solely to contemplation and composition. 

An article in Die Zeit the German newspaper refers to Robert Schumann’s struggle for Clara Wieck a hard fought contest between two men, a duel to win the hands of his love. 

He was so deeply touched by the works of Debussy and Manuel de Falla that for a while he was preparing to become a musician.