Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


During his first months in Paris, finding a very enthusiastic audience in the salon of the Rotschild family was a determining experience for Chopin. 

On May 25th of 1854 Clara Schumann wrote a desperate entry in her diary: Liszt had sent her his new piece, the Sonata in B minor on that day and she thought it was simply horrible. 

No composer has inspired as many film directors as Schubert. 

„Dear Mme Müller,
I was very pleased indeed to have your letter of sympathy. You are right, the days when Austria was attacked without warning were also dreadful days for us. 

Balázs Fülei has been touring Hungary with his informative programmes for years to bring music closer to children who very rarely or never have the opportunity to go to concerts.