Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


During the mild winter in Rome in the December of 1881 Tchaikovsky was buried in work dealing with the piano trio in A minor only. 

Balázs Fülei’s programme on Bonum TV titled Musica has given space for a wide range of associations: first, the common aspects of Liszt’s Sposalizio and the painting by Raffaello that had inspired the music were discussed with Botond Polgár, sculptor; then Zoltán Megyesi was telling about his emotions called forth when singing Schubert’s Winter Journey. 

„….Then we played the sonata again in front of this truly sophisticated company. 

How many ways does a musician relate to his/her instrument? 

“In 2012 Balázs asked me to compose Les visages de la lune for the “moonlight” concert series he was putting together. 

Paul II Anton, Prince Esterházy made an excellent decision in Lukavice in 1761 when he appointed an unknown young musician: Joseph Haydn started working for the Eszterházy family and remained Kapellmeister and composer at the court for 30 years.