Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


The concert of Balázs Fülei and Muzsikás Folk Ensemble reviving Bartók's piano pieces and their authentic folk music roots has ended with a huge success in Israel.

The Statesman, the prestigious Indian daily newspaper has made an interview with Balázs Fülei during his fifth concert tour in India.

At the invitation of XII Forum Internacional de Música de Orihuela Balázs Fülei will have a solo recital and a four-day masterclass in Orihuela, Spain at the International Music Forum arranged by the Pedro Terol Conservatory of Music between April 17 - 21. 

Where can the BTC-haired girl be in this moment? (BTC = abbreviation for Budapest Transport Company - the translator) – asks János Lackfi in his book 'Homo Hungaricus 3' making joke of a few similar notions comprehensible mainly in Hungarian culture. 

What could Bartók hear during his collecting tours?  What songs, motives and musical instruments could leave their traces in his soul, his mind and later in his works? 

”Our soldier in 1918 was obviously the victim of the worldwide conflict of the time, even if the performance remained neutral from other aspects. The Soldier's Tale is my only stage work that has contemporary references.” – recalled the old Stravinsky his play, The Soldier's Tale.