Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


”Our soldier in 1918 was obviously the victim of the worldwide conflict of the time, even if the performance remained neutral from other aspects. The Soldier's Tale is my only stage work that has contemporary references.” – recalled the old Stravinsky his play, The Soldier's Tale. 

On November 14th of 1828 Felix Mendelssohn surprised his sister Fanny, celebrating her 23rd birthday on that day, with a piece for piano composed in E flat major, with the title: Song Without Words. 

A few of Bartók's contemporaries like Rahmaninoff, Debussy or Schönberg have had a huge oeuvre as pianists; however, none of them had such an intense relationship with the piano as Bartók: 

The first venue of the tight-scheduled 6-day concert tour was Delhi on March 14th where the programme started with a solo recital. Works by Liszt, Bartók and Kodály were included in the programme of the concert and then Balázs Fülei was playing together with Indian musicians, much to the delight of the audience. 

The Liszt Prize, the highest recognition in the field of music by the Hungarian State was awarded to Balázs Fülei for his artistic performance at the ceremony held on the occasion of the Hungarian National Day on the 15th of March. 

What components does the instrument consist of? How many parts can be played on it? How can it tell us a story, how can it evoke ringing bells, tweeting birds, splashing waters and heaving billows?