Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


Balázs Fülei has been touring Hungary with his informative programmes for years to bring music closer to children who very rarely or never have the opportunity to go to concerts. 

The Bartók Radio will celebrate Béla Bartók’s birthday a day earlier, on March 24th inviting the interested guests with free programmes including a wide range of music genres. 

Wooden columns covered with horsehair and faux marble veneer – allegedly, the legendarily good acoustics of the hall of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine is due to this mixture. 

In 1998 the Christie’s auction house in London modified their previously used classification of art history eras and the indicative ’contemporary’ could only be attributed to works made after 1970. 

In 1915, painfully missing the works of French composers from European stages, Debussy decided to revive characteristically French music.