„….Then we played the sonata again in front of this truly sophisticated company. Ravel was sitting on my right and was turning the pages for me while Milhaud, on my left, was looking at the score. As for the sonata, they have said that ’c’est une merveille’ and it is the most beautiful violin sonata for the last do not know how many years – the French, of course, are a bit too generous with compliments.” – tells Béla Bartók in one of his letter from Paris written to his wife, Ditta Pásztory. The play titled Viva Bartók!, first performed in September amid huge interest, presenting Bartók’s letters and piano works by András Bálint and Balázs Fülei will be on the programme again on November 15th at the Radnóti Theatre.

Photo by Orsolya Véner


Balázs Fülei’s programme on Bonum TV titled Musica has given space for a wide range of associations: first, the common aspects of Liszt’s Sposalizio and the painting by Raffaello that had inspired the music were discussed with Botond Polgár, sculptor; then Zoltán Megyesi was telling about his emotions called forth when singing Schubert’s Winter Journey. The series will now continue, the first programmes of this season will be recorded in the presence of an audience. The date of the public recording is November 9th, the venue is the Bartók Memorial House – and the Empire of Fantasies – as this time Balázs Fülei will bring closer to the audience fantasies by Haydn, Mozart and Schumann.  



During the mild winter in Rome in the December of 1881 Tchaikovsky was buried in work dealing with the piano trio in A minor only. The source of inspiration for this piece is obvious from the dedication: In remembrance of a great artist. The artist referred to was a close friend: the pianist, Nikolai Rubinstein, the founder of the Moscow Conservatory, whose unexpected death a few months earlier and then his burial in the Russian Orthodox church in Paris had deeply shattered Tchaikovsky. Beyond the trio in A minor, the audience will hear a piece by Haydn and another one by Chopin during the next concert of the Auer Trio on November 16th at the Óbudai Társaskör.
Auer trio


He was a legendary figure in the Hungarian musical scene of the 20th century: a student of Imre Waldbauer and Leó Weiner, a cellist, a composer and a conductor, the founder of the Budapest Chamber Orchestra, the director of the Hungarian State Opera. András Mihály would be 100 years old on November 6th. In remembrance of the artist, the Liszt Academy where he was a teacher himself, has arranged a concert with the participation of the teachers and students of the Academy on November 13th. The violinist, Attila Falvay and Balázs Fülei will perform a sonata by Beethoven in this memorial concert.



Impressionists in music, pictures and poems; Villon and Proust, Truffaut and Godard – those who have already been enchanted by French culture will feel a never-ending love. Les métamorphoses, i.e. Metamorphoses – this is the title of the series launched by Balázs Fülei playing works by French composers at the Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria. The audience will have the opportunity to listen to the works by Franck, Ravel, Debussy and Messiaen in a series of three concerts between December and May. The series will involve colourful genres: a solo recital, a trio and a quartet concert will also be included in the programme.

Renoir: Pont-Neuf

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