Bartók has spent exactly 50 years of his life as an active concert player with 645 concerts in 22 countries of the world during this time. The solo recital by Balázs Fülei - to be held on October 11th within the framework of the 21st Autumn Cultural Festival in Szeged -  is not going to recall an actual concert but will remember Bartók, the concert artist with pieces by Purcell, Zipoli, Beethoven, Liszt, Ravel and, of course, by Bartók himself which he often played in his recitals.

Bela Bartok


In 1828 the 18-year-old Robert Schumann, spending some time in Munich, visited the 31-year-old poet, Heinrich Heine who was already quite known and was enjoying some regular income as the editor of Cotta Publishing House. Although they have never met again, the impact of that single conversaton proved to be long-lasting: Heine's writings were so inspiring for Schumann that he has musicalized some of Heine's poems  – that is how the song cycle called "A Poet's Love (Dichterliebe)" was born in 1840. The audience could hear excerpts of it several times; however, the entire song cycle was only presented in 1861 in Hamburg with Johannes Brahms at the piano while the songs were sung by Julius Stockhausen. On October 15th Balázs Fülei and Zoltán Megyesi will perform "A Poet's Love" in the Hungarian Radio as part of the series called Musica e Parole.



Liszt's Funérailles was conceived in his pain felt because of the failed Hungarian Revolution in 1848-49. Balázs Fülei's solo recital will begin with this piece on October 26th in Riga arranged to remember the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. The venue is the Liela Gilde, one of the most famous concert halls in the Baltics. The concert is going to be broadcasted by the Latvian Radio Klasika and the audience will have the opportunity to listen to pieces by Liszt, Bartók and Kodály.

Liela Gilde


Mozart composed his Concerto in E flat major in 1779 after returning from his European tour, for two pianos - namely, for himself and his sister, Nannerl, who was a wonderful pianist herself. This beautiful Mozart Concerto as well as Bach's Concerto for Two Pianos in C minor will be performed by Balázs Réti and Balázs Fülei with the Philharmonic of Cluj-Napoca on October 21st. The venue is the Colegiul Academic of Cluj-Napoca.

Mozart and Nannerl
Mozart and his sister, Nannerl


The Muzsikás Ensemble has already toured half of the world with their concert called Allegro Barbaro. Balázs Fülei and the members of Muzsikás will play pieces by Bartók and their authentic folk music roots during the last weeks of the Béla Bartók Memorial Year, on October 16th in London and then on October 24th in Prague.

Concert in Brussels, in the autumn of 2015
Concert in Brussels, in the autumn of 2015


The Mini-festival held within the framework of Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival has been a forum for works by contemporary Hungarian composers for years. The Wreath of Sonnets (Szonettkoszorú) by Iván Madarász - who has received the Kossuth Prize this year - was played by Balázs Fülei in the world premiere, too, in November last year. On October 10th within the programme of the Mini-festival, he is going to play this piece again, this time the venue will be the Várkert Bazaar.

CAFe Budapest


​Skipping, colourful fish are beatiful but mute – however, they have inspired several composers. Balázs Fülei will tell us about and play „watery” and „fishy” music during his matinée concert on October 2nd in the Solti Hall of the Liszt Academy. That morning, together with his musician partners they will recall seething fountains, silent lakes, goldfish and trouts - i.e. pieces by Liszt, Debussy, Britten and Schubert.

zenélő hal,,
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