On February 9th at the Bartok Memorial House Balázs Fülei's solo recital will follow the tracks of Orpheus who could stop rivers and tame killer rocks and beasts with his music. The programme consists of two unique pieces of piano repertoire: Mozart's Fantasy in D minor and  Schubert's Sonata in A major, the middle one of the three sonatas composed in 1828, the last year of his life. Schubert started to work on this sonata in spring and it was finished by autumn – on a soiree on September 28th he was already playing excerpts of all the three pieces.


In 1829 Schubert's brother sold the three piano sonatas to Diabelli's publishing house which later has published the pieces dedicated to the young Robert Schumann. On February 12th, three days after playing Sonata in A major, Balázs Fülei will perform Sonata in B flat major at his solo recital in FUGA. The title of the recital refers to the lines written to solitude in a poem by Csokonai. Beyond Schubert's sonata Janácek's cycle, 'On an overgrown path' will also be included in the programme.Schubert Sonata in B major
the original manuscript of the Sonata in B flat major


The pianos built by Conrad Graf, the famous Viennese instrument builder of the first half of the 19th century have inspired Beethoven, Schubert, Clara and Robert Schumann and Brahms, too. Above all, the musicians have praised the mellow overtones of the instrument and the warmness radiating from the body of the piano, partly due to the fact that Graf was striving to use the smallest possible quantity of metal for structural reinforcement. Conrad Graf have built three thousand pianos during his life of which less than sixty pieces still exist. Within the concert series 'Back to Nature - Chamber Music on Period Instruments' by the Budapest Festival Orchestra on February 18th an original Graf piano will be on the stage where Balázs Fülei and the artists of the Budapest Festival Orchestra will perform Brahms' Trio in E flat major which found its final form in the summer of 1865 in Baden-Baden.
Graf piano


It is the fifth year of Reconnections, the joint masterclass of the Liszt Academy and the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance. Each year the venue is provided alternately by these two institutions. In February Jerusalem will welcome the students and teachers of the Liszt Academy again – this time Péter Bársony violist and Balázs Fülei – to perform the productions rehearsed by the joint Israeli-Hungarian chamber groups formed during the workshop at a closing concert.​Balazs Fülei in Jerusalem

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