An article in Die Zeit the German newspaper refers to Robert Schumann’s struggle for Clara Wieck a hard fought contest between two men, a duel to win the hands of his love. Scandals were constant as Friedrich Wieck, Clara’s father tried everything he could to prevent their marriage because he was convinced that Robert Schumann whom he considered poor and unreliable was in no way suitable for his daughter. After years of turmoil in 1836 the exasperated Schumann wrote his Fantasy in C major and two years later in a letter to Clara described the first movement to be the most passionate piece he had ever composed. Balázs Fülei will be giving a solo recital in Szeged on 5 October as part of the Fall Festival, and his program will include Schumann, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven fantasies.

Clara and Robert Schumann 
Clara and Robert Schumann


In 1863 Franz Liszt – before taking minor orders  – moved into the monastery of Madonna del Rosario in Rome to devote himself solely to contemplation and composition. In this intimate solitude his Two Legends were born: St. Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds and Saint Francis of Paola walking on the waves. Both will be performed as part of Balázs Fülei’s solo recital along with some other relevant Liszt pieces at the Franz Liszt Festival of Albano, on 22 October. Two days earlier the Auer Trio will give a concert at the Accademia d'Ungheria in Rome in memory of Zoltán Kodály.

Auer trio 


“I get up, I start out, I arrive, I play the piano for 3 hours for the audience, I go to bed, next day I set out again to give a concert…”- says Ferruccio Busoni, a prominent musician of his time in 1912, summing up two decades of his career. Busoni the Italian composer-pianist was constantly arguing with Schönberg and never really cared about rules and expectations. He was the one who totally ignoring the consequences caused a big scandal in 1900 when he decided to perform Liszt’s Sonata in B minor that was considered too modern and difficult for the public at the time. The piano virtuoso was born in 1866 in Empoli a town near Florence. His home town has been organizing the annual Busoni Festival since 1958 and Balázs Fülei will give a solo concert on 31 October.
Busoni Ferruccio


Prince Karl von Lichnowsky just like many other sophisticated aristocrats was an important supporter of arts. In 1789 he took Mozart on a concert tour to Berlin, and was also a patron of Beethoven from 1792. The composer was so grateful, that he dedicated several of his works to Lichnowsky, among them the Piano Sonata No 31 in A flat major. Balázs Fülei will be performing this among others at his recital in Stuttgart on 19 October. A week later he will be in Cluj Napoca because he was invited to play during the Jewish Cultural Festival.

Beethoven in Prince Lichnowsky’s palace


Paul II Anton, Prince Esterházy made an excellent decision in Lukavice in 1761 when he appointed an unknown young musician: Joseph Haydn started working for the Eszterházy family and remained Kapellmeister and composer at the court for 30 years. During these years Eszterháza became one of the most significant musical and cultural centers in Europe. Maria Theresa of Austria often mentioned that she always travels to Eszterháza if she wants to see a really good opera performance. Balázs Fülei and the Pulzus String Quartet will be giving a concert in the Castle in memory of Kodály and Haydn on 30 September.




“In 2012 Balázs asked me to compose Les visages de la lune for the “moonlight” concert series he was putting together. I immediately agreed because the theme was very familiar. There was a time in my life when I stayed up almost all night and it was good for several reasons. On one hand it is much better to work at night, because it is quiet and still and as a result it tends to be easier to unfold our inner self.” – said András Gábor Virágh composer in an interview. Enchanted by the Moon premiered in 2013 and Balázs Fülei has played it several times and even made a recording. The next event will be the Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Mini Festival in Várkert Bazár on 12 October.
Cd Image 


How many ways does a musician relate to his/her instrument? What shapes this delicate relationship other than passion? Balázs Fülei has invited artist friends, colleagues and students to the program on 29 October as part of the series in the Palace of the Arts. They will try to share with the audience the many roads leading in many directions for a piano player.

Mihaly Sipos and Balazs Fülei
One of the guests Mihály Sipos the first violinist of the Muzsikás Ensemble, who has performed with Balázs Fülei several times.


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