Fülei Balázs zongoraművész

During one of his holidays in the Mátra mountains Zoltán Kodály had left his golden watch at the swimming pool and later he could not find it there. 

Then he left a notice on the venue warning the person who had found it that the watch was several minutes behind. Whether the watch had been found or not is unknown; it is a fact, however, that there have been a huge number of stories preserved about his days spent in the Mátra. The Grand Hotel – now Grandhotel Galya – has established the Kodály Memorial Hall within the hotel in honour of their regular guest where Balázs Fülei has launched a series of programmes in April to celebrate the Kodály Memorial Year. The next concert will be held near the end of summer, on August 19th  and the piano will be the same that Kodály also played on.
Zoltan Kodály


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