Fülei Balázs zongoraművész

„It is hard to find a more mysterious man in the 20th century than Bartók. It is still a mystery to me what it would be like to meet him; even if I have seen a lot of photos and have read a lot about him I can't imagine encountering him in the street. 

It is interesting because I could easily imagine that situation with Franz Liszt, for instance; perhaps because he had lived a more outwardly open life. From this aspect Bartók is full of secrets for outsiders, but perhaps was far more intimate with his family members than any of us”– has written Balázs Fülei in the preface of a new production being his brainchild and him also being one of the participants in it. Viva Bartók is an unconventional performance with an unconventional genre: the letter concert revives Bartók's two different voices, András Bálint will read his letters and Balázs Fülei will play his pieces. The premiere will be held at the Radnóti Theatre on September 26th directed by Judit Galgóczy.

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