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No composer has inspired as many film directors as Schubert. 

Excerpts from his works have been used as a score in more than a hundred films, e.g. in ’Sunshine’, in ’I Served the King of England’, in the recently premiered ’Phantom Thread’ or Stanley Kubrick's Oscar-winning ’Barry Lyndon’ where the film's atmosphere is largely determined by the second movement of Schubert's Piano Trio in E flat major. On April 18th Schubert's complete piano trios will be played by the Auer Trio at the Solti Hall of the Liszt Academy within the series called „Masters of Chamber Music”.

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Auer trió
Photo by Szilvia Végső-Herr

Beyond Schubert's pieces the audience will have the opportunity to listen to Beethoven's piano trios as well performed by the Auer Trio in April. The first concert of the „Complete Beethoven” series of the Fono Music Hall will be on April 9th. The programme will include   – beyond the Piano Trios in C minor and E flat major – the Piano Trio in B flat major known as the Gassenhauer Trio dedicated to one of the composer's maecenases, Countess Maria Wilhelmine von Thun. The term „Gassenhauer” means: a hit whistled by people in the streets. The origin of the name is due to a popular theme from a then well-known opera, L’amor marinaro by Josef Weigl revised by Beethoven in the third movement of this Trio.  

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