Fülei Balázs zongoraművész

„You will truly understand the Fantasy if you recall the unhappy summer of 1836 when it seemed I had to give you up.” – wrote Robert Schumann to his fiancée, Clara Wieck. 

Clara's dad was trying to prevent their union for years, not refraining from brutal accusations and judicial proceedings either – still, all in vain. Later Clara, as an acknowledged pianist played a significant role to have this work built into the repertoire of European concert halls as well as Liszt and Brahms who also often included it in their concert programmes. Within the framework of the series titled Musica e Parole, Balázs Fülei will play the Fantasy in C major in his concert in the Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio on June 2nd; the event will be hosted by Sándor Kovács, musicologist.

Tickets and information

Clara Schumann
Clara, the muse of the Fantasy in C major


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