Fülei Balázs zongoraművész

In a few days, on July 7th, for the third time already, the Echo Summer Academy will begin in the Károlyi Castle in Fehérvárcsurgó. 

The international masterclasses lasting for a week will be led by Péter Kováts, István Varga and Balázs Fülei and they will give the opening concert as well in the evening of July 7th with trios by Haydn, Beethoven and Mendelssohn in the programme. Those interested will be welcome for afternoon coffee concerts during the masterclasses. For more information and the detailed programme please visit: www.echosummeracademy.hu

Károlyi kastély

One of the characteristic features of the work in the chamber music workshop of the masterclass is that the teachers and the students play together. Balázs Fülei, the founder of the Echo Summer Academy has summed up the essence of the Hungarian chamber music tradition as follows: 

I think the only essential point of the tradition Leó Weiner left us is that the voices in the music have independent lives. The interesting part of chamber music is not that some people sit together, attune their musical thoughts and create something with their sensitively founded accord. The interesting part is that every single layer of the music sounds in a different wording and has a life of its own. This is how a music comes to life. Also on an instrument like the piano, where someone plays different voices together, the music will live only if the voices under the fingers have independent lives but together they are still unified. The studio program on computers is always a deterrent example for me where there is a vertical stripe between the lines recorded by different microphones, showing what is played together. This is the opposite, the death of the chamber music thinking. What makes chamber music good is when the stripe continuously adapts, changes, like a gentle curtain that sways when someone moves the ensemble. In other words: the voices simply have an effect on one another. And back to the concept of chamber music: sitting in a room and enjoying to make music together is not the most important part for me but the way we give individual lives to the layers of music. This has always been important for us and I think this, the sovereignity of the layers is exactly what makes the Hungarian education of music unique.


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