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Liszt and Rahmaninoff were proud of their friendship with Leopold Auer, the Hungarian violinist born in Veszprém and then conquering Europe and America as well; Tchaikovsky has dedicated his Violin Concerto in D major to him. 

During the festival held each year in Veszprém to his memory, the Auer Trio was established following a joint concert in 2016 and has become a significant player in the world of music since then. In the programme of their chamber music evening – on the second day of the Auer Festival, on August 2nd at the Veszprém County Hall  – they will play Haydn’s vigorous Trio in C major, Beethoven’s unique ’Ghost’ Trio and then will close the evening with Mendelssohn’s Trio in D minor called „the master trio of our days” by Robert Schumann.  

Leopold Auer
Leopold Auer


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