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The first meeting between Haydn and Beethoven took place on December 26th in 1790. 

The composer-monarch was just travelling in England and stopped for a concert in Bonn to listen to the twenty-year-old Beethoven and agreed to take him as a student. The lessons, however, did not quite come off well. Haydn had little time and Beethoven felt his master did not really understand him and their meetings soon ended. Thirty-five-forty years later Beethoven was approached by a young man for whom he was an idol – his name was Franz Schubert. In the spring of 1827, already laying on his deathbed, Beethoven scrolled through the songs written by the young composer, and – according to records – said: Truly, in Schubert there is the divine spark! The Auer Trio is launching a series in the Bartók Memorial House with the trios composed by the three composers, also connected to one another this way. The audience will have the opportunity to listen to three piano trios by Haydn during the first concert on December 7th.

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