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For the last evening of December in 1808 a large company of guests, even larger than usual, gathered at Countess Marie von Erdődy’s house in Krugerstrasse: in Vienna almost everybody was curious about Beethoven’s two new trios he had composed in the summer on the Florisdorf estate of his maecenas, the countess. 
The trios were to be premiered that night with two of his old friends: Joseph Linke, the cellist, and Ignaz Schuppanzigh, the violinist, from whom he was taking violin lessons himself. The house concert on New Year’s Eve was a great success, the following day everybody in Vienna was praising the new pieces. A few weeks later, however, the joy was interrupted by an intermezzo: Beethoven had fallen out with his protectress and moved out of the countess’s house immediately. He even tried to replace the dedication of the two trios addressed to the countess with a dedication to Archduke Rudolph but it was too late when his request arrived to the printing house. The programme of the second concert in the series by the Auer Trio – on January 18th in the Bartók Memorial House – will include the two Op. 70 trios, the Trio in D major and the Trio in E flat major; the first one is often referred to as the Ghost Trio. The name comes from Beethoven’s student, Carl Czerny. 

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