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Although not living in the same city, the four Mendelssohn siblings never lost contact with one another. 

Felix, in spite of having numerous engagements and five children, always found time to report about everything in his letters to his sister, Fanny, being an outstanding musical talent herself; to his little sister, Rebecka, and his younger brother, Paul. In a joint evening of the Auer Trio and Géza Hegedűs D. – on February 2nd at Óbudai Társaskör – the letters written by Felix Mendelssohn to his family members will be read between the movements of the two trios included in the programme. The Trio in D minor, referred to as „the master trio of recent times” by Robert Schumann, was composed in Frankfurt in 1839 during a particularly happy period of Mendelssohn’s life when he was a young, happily married man. Mendelssohn finished the second piano trio in C minor in 1845; this piece was intended to be a birthday present for Fanny. While working on it, Mendelssohn and his family enjoyed a retreat in the peaceful Bad Soden and he refused to give any concerts during this period.
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