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During the early 1800s the young cellist, Joseph Linke and his violinist colleague, Ignaz Schuppanzigh were considered to be the most well-known musicians in Vienna. 

Their names, by the way, have also survived because they belonged to Beethoven’s inner circle – in 1808 these three musicians premiered the two Op. 70 trios the audience could hear during the concert by the Auer Trio in January. Linke and Schuppanzigh, later forming the most famous quartet of Vienna as well, became friends with Schubert, too. In January of 1828 the composer asked them to play his new work, the Piano Trio in B-flat major with him during a private Schubertiade. This piece and Schubert’s Piano Trio in E-flat major will close the concert series by the Auer Trio on February 15th in the Bartók Memorial House.

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Schuppanzigh and Linke
Ignaz Schuppanzigh                                   Joseph Linke



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