Fülei Balázs zongoraművész

The season will start on September 29, with the Auer Trio’s concert in the Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio. 

First the Piano Trio in B flat major op. 11, known as the “Gassenhauer” Trio will be played; the term ‘Gassenhauer’ means a popular tune whistled by the men in the street. The title arose from the trio’s third movement where Beethoven included variations of a popular theme of the then well-known opera by Josef Weigl, the L’amor marinaro. The concert will be continued with the Piano Trio in D major op. 70, i.e. the “Ghost” trio, having received this title due to the mysterious atmosphere of its central, slow movement. The title was given by Beethoven’s student, Carl Czerny whom the movement had reminded of the ghost scene of Hamlet. The closing piece of the programme will be the Piano Trio in B flat major op. 97, dedicated by Beethoven to his friend and favourite student, Archduke Rudolph; that is why this trio is referred to as the “Archduke” Trio. On its premiere on April 11th in 1814 Beethoven himself was sitting at the piano; however, due to his severely progressed illness, it has proved to be his last public appearance.  

Beethoven's letter
A letter by Archduke Rudolph to Beethoven



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