Fülei Balázs zongoraművész

On March 26th of 1828, during the last spring of his life, Schubert gave a highly successful concert of his compositions in Vienna, bringing for him some mental and material stability for a while. 

During this period the drafts for his piano sonatas in C minor, A major and B flat major were born and all the three pieces were finished by the autumn. In 1829 his brother, Ferdinand sold these works to the Diabelli Publishing House to be released later with a dedication to the young Robert Schumann who had always spoken of Schubert with huge enthusiasm. The middle piece of these three piano sonatas, the Sonata in A major will be played by Balázs Fülei on November 4th at the Óbudai Társaskör with works by Chopin and Liszt also included in the programme. 

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Balázs Fülei
Photo Credit: Gábor Déber


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