Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


Sensibility and sensuality – how will a piece sound if the performer uses the former or the latter? 

On October 8th within the framework of the series titled ‘The Workshops of the Liszt Academy’ the Chamber Music Department will be introduced in the Solti Hall – in accordance with the traditions – with joint productions by the teachers and the students. 

The concert with Attila Falvay and Balázs Fülei  will involve a period of about 40 years from the Gründerjahre, i.e. the period of the founders’ years through World War I to the restless 1920s. 

Richard Mühlfeld, the solo clarinetist of the Meiningen Court Orchestra, has „retrained” himself from violinist to clarinetist; what’s more, he was an autodidact. 

In July, already the third Echo Summer Academy was held in the Károlyi Castle in Fehérvárcsurgó; this time with the participation of eighteen young violinists, cellists and pianists. 

In the early 40s when the young pianist, Károly Váczi at the beginning of his career, was preparing for the performance of the Piano Concerto in E minor at the Liszt Academy, he was complaining to Dohnányi, who was the conductor of the concert as well, what a difficult piece he had written. 


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