Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


How is it possible to tell a story with music?

Together with Attila Falvay, the leader of the Kodály Quartet, Balázs Fülei is going to give a chamber music masterclass, organised by the Tel Aviv University on the 29th of March. The two artists are going to play pieces from Liszt, Bartók and Kodály on their violin-piano recital the next day.

When the 21 year old Richard Strauss composes the Burlesque, his piano concerto, he has only one goal on his mind: his piece to be performed by his admired mentor, Hans von Bülow. 

Connecting − to a mood, a piece, a composer, musicians, the audience. With Balázs Fülei we were talking about the many, differently deep attunements and effects that helps a performance to be born.


”These songs have touched me more than anything has ever before, and you’ll see, they will touch you too” 

… sometimes like this, sometimes like that” is the title of the 4th and also last program of The piano on the focus. This time Balázs Fülei is showing the ”road forks” – those decision situations that accompany the path the pianist and a work of art shares from learning the piece up until the concert itself. 


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