Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


„You will truly understand the Fantasy if you recall the unhappy summer of 1836 when it seemed I had to give you up.” – wrote Robert Schumann to his fiancée, Clara Wieck. 

On June 15th two anniversaries will meet: on the Margaret Island Open-air Stage celebrating its 80th birthday this year, Balázs Fülei and the National Philharmonic will play the Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor composed by Ernő Dohnányi 120 years ago; this concert will be the opening event of the three-month long Budapest Summer Festival. 

Due to technical circumstances, the concert of Auer Trio and Balázs Rumy clarinettist in the Klebelsberg Kulturkuria, is being held in October this year instead of the originally published date of May 4th. Thanks for your understanding.

Beyond composing music, collecting folk songs was Bartók’s most favoured activity; he has mentioned in several letters how much he enjoyed his collecting tours. 

His peers have described Felix Mendelssohn as attractive, lovable and endlessly benevolent, whose letters radiate serenity and a basically balanced mentality. 

„On May 7th there was another Caroussel, after which a Concert was held at the Buda Theatrum during which a famous musician called Beethoven was skillfully playing the Forte Piano attracting everyone’s kind attention” – wrote the Magyar Kurir on May 8th of 1800 about the then thirty-year-old, but already renowned master whose invitation was recommended by Ferenc Brunszvik. 


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