Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


A new CD by the Auer Trio was released before Christmas with pieces by Haydn, Beethoven and Mendelssohn. 

Haydn – Beethoven – Mendelssohn: pieces by these composers connected in many ways were recorded by the Auer Trio for their new CD to be released before Christmas. 

The aging Liszt – moving away from Carolyne – was trying to revive his family bonds: 

It is already a tradition in the Old Academy of Music to arrange a memorial concert for the eponym of the academy during the days near Franz Liszt’s birthday on October 22nd. 

While the programme in the Palace of Arts will revive the young Beethoven, Balázs Fülei’s solo recital in Szeged on October 11th will evoke the mature composer in his early fifties. 

The concert titled “A genius from Bonn” refers to Beethoven’s hometown. 


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