Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


In 1998 the Christie’s auction house in London modified their previously used classification of art history eras and the indicative ’contemporary’ could only be attributed to works made after 1970. 

In 1915, painfully missing the works of French composers from European stages, Debussy decided to revive characteristically French music. 

An extraordinary surprise was waiting for the audience after Balázs Fülei’s programme titled ’Piano Gastronomy’ at the end of January int he Bartók Memorial House: after the concert, as an unusual encore, they could taste an exquisite speciality prepared by chef Csongor Adorján.

How many things are necessary for three or four musicians who have not met before to get in tune with one another and be able to play together? 

The Latvian Academy of Music in Riga was founded in 1919 and the Latvian composer, Jāzeps Vītols teaching at the famous Saint Petersburg Conservatory for thirty years, was appointed to be its first rector, who, consequently, based music education on Petersburgian traditions. 

On November 2nd, 1830 the twenty-year-old Chopin got on a carriage to leave Poland behind and start a new life in Paris. 


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