Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


Cardinal Gustav Hohenlohe, the owner of the Villa d’Este, the 16th-century palace near Rome invited Franz Liszt to be his guest each year from 1864  and Liszt was always glad to accept his invitation. 

„Béla Bartók has a mysterious personality. 

On May 7th of 1800, celebrating the name-day of Palatine Joseph’s wife, the Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna, a concert was held in the Buda Castle Teatrum. 

An Echo TV crew has made a film portrait about Balázs Fülei. 

In Luzern, on March 30th the Muzsikás Ensemble and Balázs Fülei performed their programme titled Allegro Barbaro they have already been playing in Hungary for two years, based on piano pieces by Bartók and Kodály as well as on the folk tunes inspiring these works. 

It is the third time now that the 14th Forum Internacional de Música de Orihuela has invited Balázs Fülei to give a four-day piano masterclass. 


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