Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


In 1962 when one of the student violinists of the Bern Conservatory, Alexander van Wijnkoop and thirteen fellow students founded Camerata Bern, they decided to play standing and without a conductor only. 

Could the score be perceived as a recipe and the performance as a meal cooked from it? What happens if an artist performs strictly following the recipe?  

One of the most prestigious chamber orchestras of the music world, the Camerata Bern, having recently played with guest artists like Vadim Repin, Heinz Holliger, Maurice André, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Gidon Kremer and András Schiff  – will perform a joint concert with Balázs Fülei at the Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy at the beginning of February. 

Vienna, 1795. Haydn, a renowned composer all over Europe, in his early sixties then, had returned from England where even the royal family was trying to persuade him to stay, and finished his Piano Trio in C major. 

The aging Liszt’s 12-piece suite titled Christmas Tree (Weihnachtsbaum) depicts the intimate atmosphere of the holiday, as well as the sense of loneliness and passing. 

Kodály, a passionate hiker, was touring the Mátra mountains for more than sixty years. 


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