Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


„Béla Bartók has a mysterious personality. 

This piece presumably was inspired by Watteau’s painting titled The Embarkation for Cythera. 

Impressionists in music, pictures and poems; Villon and Proust, Truffaut and Godard – those who have already been enchanted by French culture will feel a never-ending love. 

He was a legendary figure in the Hungarian musical scene of the 20th century: a student of Imre Waldbauer and Leó Weiner, a cellist, a composer and a conductor, the founder of the Budapest Chamber Orchestra, the director of the Hungarian State Opera. 

During the mild winter in Rome in the December of 1881 Tchaikovsky was buried in work dealing with the piano trio in A minor only. 

Balázs Fülei’s programme on Bonum TV titled Musica has given space for a wide range of associations: first, the common aspects of Liszt’s Sposalizio and the painting by Raffaello that had inspired the music were discussed with Botond Polgár, sculptor; then Zoltán Megyesi was telling about his emotions called forth when singing Schubert’s Winter Journey. 


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