Bach’s birthday is not only commemorated with concerts, exhibitions, i.e. with food for the spirit: for instance, the brewers in Köthen, Germany have created a beer dedicated to Bach’s memory, named Giovanni, paying tribute not only to his art, but also to his passion for gastronomic delights.

The beer became Giovanni because it is said that this was the nickname coined for Bach by his second wife, Anna Magdalena, during their years in Köthen.

In Hungary, too, there will be several programmes related to Bach’s birthday: 

On March 21 in the Bartók Memorial House, with the participation of Balázs Fülei, István Varga, Berta Bánki and Ágnes Langer, Bach’s three gamba sonatas and the Trio Sonata from the Musikalisches Opfer will be performed.

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