Fülei Balázs zongoraművész


Beyond composing music, collecting folk songs was Bartók’s most favoured activity; he has mentioned in several letters how much he enjoyed his collecting tours. 

His peers have described Felix Mendelssohn as attractive, lovable and endlessly benevolent, whose letters radiate serenity and a basically balanced mentality. 

„On May 7th there was another Caroussel, after which a Concert was held at the Buda Theatrum during which a famous musician called Beethoven was skillfully playing the Forte Piano attracting everyone’s kind attention” – wrote the Magyar Kurir on May 8th of 1800 about the then thirty-year-old, but already renowned master whose invitation was recommended by Ferenc Brunszvik. 

As Olivier Messiaen recalled never had been his piece listened to with such rapt attention and comprehension than on that miserable, snowy night. 

On March 26th of 1828, in the last spring of his life, Schubert gave a highly successful concert of his compositions in Vienna, bringing for him some mental and material stability for a while. 

Invited by the 13th Forum Internacional de Música de Orihuela Balázs Fülei will held a four-day piano masterclass, and then, as a final event of the music forum on April 6th he will give a concert with the Spanish clarinetist, José Luis Estellés. 


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